Now, as of Marchst 2024

I am at System Initiative, with the primary responsibility for the front-end & user experience of our new DevOps application.

We're right on the cusp of letting in customers. It's really interesting being at a company pre-revenue. I am very impressed at everyone's willingness to take apart the product, leave it on the floor in pieces, as we rebuild it with a new architecture. Can't really pull that off when you've got customers running it.

I am so happy to be on a front-end focused role, specifically with VueJS and not React. I've always had strong opinions about how to build usable products. But, I'd been moving more and more towards the back end recently. Happy to balance that out!

I appreciate the strong intentions on how to work properly. We have a way——and this is the way. It is hard enough to recide what to build, and how to build, while also debating how to make decisions.

Long Live the Startup Plane of Theseus!